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Funding is available to all ASNs on an annual basis – please check the calendar for the upcoming applications and approval dates. All ASNs are eligible to submit one (1) funding application per year provided that they comply with the criteria and guidelines defined by the Sport Funding Commission. In addition, an application may be made by a group of ASNs (cluster) who have identified a common need.

For the 2018 funding round, grants will be available under four funding areas:

Funds are only awarded on a "match funding" basis; however contributions in kind may be permitted as match funds. The FIA reserves the right to nominate an FIA Expert to provide additional assistance to an ASN to execute a particular project where the FIA deems this to be necessary.

For individual applications

The maximum amount of funding that can normally be applied for under each programme area is as follows:

  • Safety: €50,000.
  • ASN Structure and Management: €50,000.
  • Motor Sport Development: €50,000.
  • Social Responsibility: €50,000.

For a cluster request (group of ASNs)

The final grant amount will depend on the number of countries involved in the project.

If you have an idea for a cluster application, please discuss with a member of the FIA Grants Team as soon as possible.

While it is possible for an ASN to apply for funding as part of a cluster and on an individual basis, two funding applications from an ASN for the same type of activity will not be permitted.

Funding Relief

The World Bank Classification of income per capita ranking will be used and additional funding will be offered to ASNs from middle- and low-income countries as follows:

For individual applications:

ASNs in high income countries will be expected to contribute 50% of the total activity cost.

For middle-income countries, the ASN contribution will be reduced to 30% of total activity cost and for low-income countries, ASNs will only be required to contribute 20% of total activity cost.

Please note that ASNs that consider that their economic situation is not reflected accurately by their ranking in the World Bank Classification can apply to the FIA to have their ASN’s financial status reconsidered.

Cluster requests: For a cluster application, funding relief will be determined based on the average World Bank classification of the ASN countries involved.

Click here to check your country's classification on the World Bank list.